Boys B 5th -6th Gr

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Coach / Team




 Team 1 - BHA Inc. / Coach John Boone  9  0  0
 Team 2 - Paragon Plastics / Coach Vern Smith  0  9  0
 Team 3 - HQ Plumbing / Coach Carl Toft  7  2  0
 Team 4 - F.R. Bean Manufacturing / Coach Rob Mitchell  3  6  0
 Team 5 - Herb Weston Atty. / Coach Todd Chumley  3  6  0
 Team 6 - Coach Eli Gladden  4  5  0
 Team 7 - E & W Construction / Coach Shalimar Jackson  8  1  0
 Team 8 - VIASAT / Coach Jason Justice  5  4  0
 Team 9 - Coach Mark Miller  5  4  0
 Team A - Coach Larry Wagner  1  8  0
 Team B -  Rhoad Warriors / Coach Dale Jaggers  6  3  0
 Team C - Outlaws / Coach Steve Kondo  2  7  0
 Team D - Amigos De Vista / Coach Justin Haessly  6  3  0
 Team E - Chili Coast Burgers / Coach Raul Juvera  2  7   0
 Team F - Coach Rashad Hultin  1  8  0
 Team G - Coach Wybrant Taylor  8  1  0
 Team H - Coach Mark Boucher  6  3   0
 Team I - Coach Dave Piester  5  4  0


 Boys B Playoff Schedule 2018

Season Standings/Playoff Seeding's
1.BHA Inc - John Boone
2. E & W Construction - Coach Jackson * H to H win over Taylor
3. Coach W. Taylor *
4. HQ Plumbing - Coach Toft
5. Rhoad Warriors - Coach Jaggers ** season pt. diff. 1.308
6. Coach Boucher ** season pt. diff. 1.287
7. Amigos De Vista Lions - Coach Haessly ** season pt. diff. 1.052
8. Coach Piester *** season pt. diff. 1.186
9. VIASAT - Coach Justice ***season pt. diff. 1.081
10. Coach Miller *** season pt. diff. 0.904
11. Coach Gladden
12. Herb Weston Atty. -Coach Chumley *H to H win over Mitchell
13. F.R. Bean Manufacturing - Coach Mitchell
14. Outlaws - Coach Kondo * H to H win over Juvera
15. Chili Coast Burgers - Coach Juvera
16. Coach Hultin **** season pt. diff. 0.620
17. Coach Wagner **** season pt. diff 0.496
18. Paragon Plastics - Coach Smith


Boys B 17/18 Schedule

Season Standings

High Scorer's of the Week - December 2nd, 2017
Charlie Orman 18pts, Micah Boucher 11pts, Charles Aldrich 21pts, Justian Richardson 7pts, Caden Keys 6pts, Ryder Newston 19pts, Trent Lotito 12pts, Nicholas Voelpel 9pts, Ay'Veon Hale 7pts, Shane Piester 7pts, Justus Jaggers 13pts, Jetson Mitchell 7pts, Brandon Boone 11pts, Landen Renzy 9pts, Eric Villa 6pts, David Friedell 6pts, Ryan Sanchez 11pts, Boston Chumley 6pts, Jayden Thomas 10pts, Isiah Justice 9pts, Jacob Sheridan 6pts, Stunner Gonzales 13pts, Jacob Peterson 10pts, Devin Johnson 8pts, Kalen Kaye 14pts, Bo Villejo 6pts, Jayden Florence 6pts, Rylan Griffiths 8pts, Brandon Roy 6pts, Cristian Gonzales 8pts,
Player of the week Charles Aldrich 21pts

Saturday, December 9th - Games cancelled due to Lilac Fire and evacuations

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
David Friedell 14 pts, Eric Villa 10pts, Brandon Boone 7pts, Stunner Gonzales 16pts, Devin Johnson 8pts, Kalen Kaye 13pts

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
Judah Jaggers 15pts, Jetson Mitchell 10pts, Justus Jaggers 6pts, James McFerran 17pts, Benton Tran 8pts, Isiah Justice 6pts, Ty Lowry 9pts, Rylan Griffiths 10pts, Otis Haessly

Thursday, December 14th, 2017
Issac M 16pts, Braeden North 8pts, Ay'veon Hale 11pts, Shane Piester 12pts, Andrew Cupin 8pts, Trent lotitio 19pts, Ryder Newston 12pts, Nicholas Voelpel 9pts, Charlie Orman 13pts, Micah Boucher 7pts

Saturday, December 16th
Charlie Orman 19pts, Juddah Jaggers 9pts, Justus Jaggers 6pts, Rylan Griffiths 12pts, Jacob Sheridan 8pts, Cole Grant 6pts, Jason Sawyer 10pts, Jeshua Burger 6pts, Charles Aldrich 26pts, Justian Richardson 16pts, Caleb Borquez 8pts, Ay'veon Hale 12pts, Ryder Tinoisamoa 6pts, Cristian Valdovinos 10pts, Jared Atherton 8pts, Daniel Dorantes 6pts, Jordan Kondo 6pts, Kalen Kaye 8pts, Devin Johnson 8pts, Stunner Gonzalez 8pts, Jacobe Peterson 6pts, Landen Reney 12pts, Eric Villa 11pts, Brandon Boone 11pts, Caden Keys 14pts, Rane Mitchell 9pts Aiden Zinzig 6pts
Player of the week - CJ Aldrich 26pts

Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Christian Valdovinos 6pts, Nicholas Voelpel 16pts, Kyle Wunschel 8pts, Ivan Rossel 6pts, Ryan Sanchez 18pts, Jeshua Burger 6pts, Cole Grant 10pts, Jacob Sheridan 8pts, Caden Keys 14pts, Westley Wilson, Kaden Kale 9pts, C.J. Aldrich 12pts, Justin Richardson 10pts, Jayden Florence 6pts, Devin Johnson 15pts, Stunner Gonzales 10pts, Jayden Thomas 7pts, Issac Davis 12pts, Rylan Griffiths 12pts, Brandon Boone 17pts, Lucas Pak 6pts, Charlie Orman 20pts, Shane Piester 11pts, Ay'Veon Hale 7pts, Justus Jaggers 12pts, Judah Jaggers 10pts, Mark Urquijo 6pts,
Player of the week - Charlie Orman 20pts

Saturday, January 13th
Devin Johnson 11pts, Joel Valverde 11pts, Jacob Peterson 10pts, Ryan Sanchez 6pts, Judah Jaggers 7pts, Trent Lotito 13pts, Nicholas Voelpel 11pts, Rylan Griffiths 15pts, Shane Piester 10pts, Kalen Kaye 8pts, Hunter Gemmell 6pts, Charlie Orman 13pts, Wyatt Dubrish 8pts, Micah Boucher 7pts, Isaiah Justice 6pts, Brandon Boone 20pts, David Friedell 8pts, Lucas Pak 8pts, Caleb Gilbert 7pts, Sawyer Miller 6pts, CJ Aldrich 22pts, Caleb Borquez 8pts,
Player of the week - CJ Aldrich 22pts

Saturday, January 20th
Ty Lowery 12pts, Caden Boley 9pts, Bodie Wagner 11pts, Christian Gonzalez 10pts, Ayveon Hale 12pts, Shane Piester 7pts, Christian Valdovinos 12pts, Jared Atherton 10pts, Carson Dixon 9pts, Trent Lotito 27pts, Nicholas Voelpel 8pts, Jetson Mitchell 8pts, Wyatt Durbrish 7pts, Isaiah Justice 22pts, CJ Aldrich 22pts, Devin Johnson 8pts, David Friedell 8pts, Brandon Boone 12pts, Bo Villejo 10pts, Jake Eckert 6pts, Ryan Sanchez 11pts, Kalen Kaye 22pts, Caden Keys 12pts, Jared Zamora 6pts.
Players of the week - Kalen Kaye, Caden Keys & Isaiah Justice all with 22pts

Saturday, January 27th
Judah Jaggers 11pts, Jetson Mitchell 10pts, Shane Piester 18pts, Ay'veon Hale 9pts, Aiden Zanzig 6pts, Zane Mitchell 6pts, Jayden Thomas 10pts, Isaac Mendoza 8pts, Bodie Wagner 14pts, Kainen Burnside 12pts, Brandon Boone 16pts, Eric Villa 8pts, Isaac Davis 7pts, Wyatt Dubrish 9pts, Charlie Orman 6pts, Devin Johnson 15pts, Joel Valverde 10pts, CJ Aldrich 24pts,Caleb Borquez 8pts, Isaiah Justice 14pts, Jason Sawyer 6pts, Caden Keys 8pts, Westley Wilson 8pts, Marcel Terry 6pts, Jeshua Burger 10pts, Jack Busch 8pts, Pedro Lopez Jr 12pts, Ryder Newston 11pts, Trent Lotito 11pts, Caden Buley 6pts,
Player of the week - CJ Aldrich 24pts

Saturday, February 3rd
Edwin Cortez 11pts, Shane Piester 11pts,  Ryder Newston 15pts, Nicholas Voelpel 11pts, Trent Lotito 7pts, Bodie Wagner 10pts, Kainen Burnside 6pts, Benton Tran 7pts, Isiah Justice 6pts, Gavin Gladden 6pts, Collin Rivard 6pts, Isaac Davis 7pts, Carson Dixon 6pts, Rylan Griffiths 6pts, Cristian Valdovinos 6pts, Brandon Boone 20pts, Eric Villa 8pts, David Friedell 6pts, Charles Aldrich 15pts, James McFerran 9pts, Caden Keys 9pts, Marcel Terry 7pts, Stunner Gonzalez 19pts, Joel Valverde 10pts, Ty Lowry 8pts, Daniel Dorantes 6pts, Adam Draves 6pts, Dredyan Rascon 11pts, Jayden Thomas 8pts,
Player of the week - Brandon Boone 20pts



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